ultimate ac buying guide in india 2020

AC Buying Guide for Summer India 2020: Buy Best AC in 5 Steps

AC Buying Guide for Summer India 2020: Here today, our main aim is to help you buy best Air Conditioner for summer for your home or office. We ensure you this Ac buying guide for summer will help you buy suitable Air conditioner in just 5 simple steps. All of us know that finding best ac in India 2020 is not a simple task. As we also know Air Conditioners are too expensive & can cost us extra bill if not selected properly.

AC Buying Guide: 5 simple step to Buy Best AC India 2020

Select Ac Type: Split vs Window

Selection of AC type is based on your necessity. Here in India you will find two types of air conditioner models, Split AC & Window AC. A Window AC are old generation air conditioner while Split AC are new generation air conditioner.

AC Buying Guide: 5 simple step to Buy Best AC India 2020

Window AC are the one’s that get fixed inside the window as you are seeing in this picture. Window AC’s are 30% lesser price then Split AC.

Best split ac in india 2020 ac buying guide

Split Ac are the one’s that are hanged on wall as you are seeing in the picture. They are expensive but has their benefits.

We hope you got the point about Window & Split Ac. Now below there is a comparison chart to help you get more idea about selecting perfect AC type.

ParametersSplit ACWindow AC
Power Saving✅ More power saving❌ No power saving
Cooling✅ Covers wider area. Hence, Cools faster❌ Limited area. Hence, Cools slower
Noise✅ Less Noise❌ More Noise
Installtion❌ Wall drilling & some renovation (depends upon room)✅ Easy to Install

Conclusion: Both the air conditioner are best at their point but which suits you better? Well, Split’s are more expensive but at a same time they are more efficient in cooling & power saving. Window Ac are cheaper but same time they aren’t more effective as compare to split.

Split AC cools much faster then windows as they have wider wind blowers. But here not all split models works fine, some times better window ac from better brand can be as tough as split.

Window Ac’s are better when you don’t want to drill up your beautiful wall as they can be install easily. For split ac you need to look up for perfect location.

There is absolutely 0% of noise in split as they have their compressor outside the wall. Window ac produce much noise as they are in one single unit (Compressor + AC unit).

Hope you made you choice!!

What’s your Room Size?

After deciding type of Air conditioner you are looking for, there is second most important factor while choosing Best AC i.e. what capacity to go after?

Answer to this simple question depends upon your room size. This factor is important because if you ended up choosing higher capacity, you will end up paying more in electric bill. At a same time if you choose lower capacity you won’t able to get better cooling & you will end up regretting.

So What’s your Room Size?

Understand with example: For Small size room (up to 120-ft) it requires up to 1.2 tons. For Mid size room (up to 179 ft) it requires up to 1.7 tons, while for High size room (above 180 ft) it requires up to 1.8 tons or above. Learn more below with chart.

Energy Star Rating

After selection of type & completing about room size, here is third important step. Looking for Energy rating when buying every home appliance is good.

Higher Star Rating means high value & future proof product.

Energy rating is based on power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has star rating methodology called Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) for AC.

Note: AC’s with higher star rating will consume much less power, help you save money on your electricity bill in longer run.

Select a Coil: Aluminium vs Copper Coil

Air Conditioners provide relief against heat in summer. There AC are super important home appliance which every house should have. But deciding type of AC which doesn’t hurts our pocket is uphill task. Choosing better coil is one way to make our pocket safe from getting hurt in longer run. Now which coil to go for Copper or Aluminium?

Understand with help of chart below:

Cooling speedCools fasterSlow cooling as
compare to copper
Corrosion ResistantCorrodes slowly & easy
to clean
Faster corrosion then
Durability More durable & strongerLess durable
RepairCan be repaired easilyDifficult to repair needs replacement

Copper coils are far better than aluminium as they have longer span of life. Copper coils are more effective in terms of cooling & durability.

Special Features

Now a days in this new decade everything has new & special features. Air conditioning system has reached to next level, therefore we are able to get new special features in there.

Some of AC Special features are below:

Smart AC Feature: This AC’s are wifi enabled which are popularly know for performing task using voice command. With next generation technology, this smart ac can be controlled using google assistance or amazon alexa via voice command. These AC’s using Internet Of Thing technology.

Air Conditioner with Adjustable capacity: These features of ac has ability to adjust mode which can run different mode capacity depends upon number of people & weather.

Hot & Cold Air Conditioners: As the name of feature, these feature of AC help a user to use air condition hot weather (summer) & in cold weather (winter).

Well this was our AC buying guide for Summer in India 2020. We hope we helped you in choosing perfect Air conditioner for your Sweet Home or Work Office. Share this Article to help others :).

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