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Review Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager Foot Massager and Calf Shiatsu Relaxing Leg, Calf, Knee, Ankle W/Heat Therapy For Calves Feet With Sole Rollers-Red

These Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager Foot Massager and Calf is one of the best leg foot massager to buy online.

Massaging a foot or leg has multiple benefits such as Improves blood circulation, Helping in relaxing of soul & mind, it can also make feet healthier, & many more benefits. Besides of it benefits, it is necessary to have foot massage once in a month if not more for making our foot & leg healthier & refresh.

To take foot massage we might go to a person who provides foot massage or we can use leg massager like Robotouch Classic Plus.

Why to buy Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager Foot Massager and Calf ?

Robotouch is an Indian own brand from M/s Bhagyalaxmi Industries. Bit more about Bhagyalaxmi Ind., they have been in health & fitness industries since last 37 years. To know more about robotouch & Bhagyalaxmi industry click here.

Features – Classic Plus Leg Massager

  • Comes with inbuilt high quality air bags
  •  Offers greater efficiency
  •  Gives enhanced therapeutic effect
  •  110 degree turning radius for ideal knee positioning
  •  Comes with 3 distinct air massage models, 3 intensity options and 3 roller massage models
  •  Comes with auto mode shifting options in a timed environment and kneading cover with zip
  •  Easy to clean and maintain

Air Bag Massage

Review Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager Foot Massager and Calf

Experience comprehensive foot massage delivered by built in high quality air bags. Powered by 30 airbags the massage is therapeutic in nature providing both pain alleviation and complete relaxation.

Active Rollers

Robotouch Classic Plus Leg Massager Foot Massager

Wonder massage powered and delivered by a set of three built in active rollers. Great therapeutic massage facilitation to feet muscles, stimulating the foot reflex points.

Kneading and Rolling Combo

In built high power combination of kneading and rolling for the ultimate massage experience. The magic combo is devised to provide relief from pain and stress.

Now apart from its feature here is the main reason to buy or why should you buy robotouch footer & calf massager?

Reasons to buy Robotouch Foot & Calf Massager

These leg massager is combination of both foot & calf massager. So, in one price & in one product you get two important features which are very useful. It has also got built in heat therapy function which not gives relaxation but also helps in improving blood circulation.

Robotouch classic plus leg massager has two section, up & down. These section has overturn fuction. It has built-in intense kneading and vibratory reflexology massage which takes away all the pain in few moments & gives you relaxation.

Still not convinced? Let me tell you more about robotouch foot & calf massager.

This leg massager has 3 massaging modes which gives you best massage as you want (hot, cold, warm). Built-in roller function massage you feet in such a way that it improves blood circulation in body.

Also it has Carbon fiber heating on thigh, legs, and ankles. After a good massage it get’s off on its own.

Conclusion: It is expensive but also offers features according to the price. The company has experience in this industry so the product is best at its level. It has got two section for different massaging modes which are good. This type of features aren’t seen in other foot massager.

It is definitely worth buying & value for money product.

FAQ: Robotouch Classic Leg Massager

Is this foot & calf massager the best leg massager?

Yes, It is one of the best leg massager in the market. It has too many features which helps in making foot healthier & stronger.

Does Robotouch Classic plus leg massager supports heat therapy?

Yes, It has got heat therapy feature for better foot & calf massage.

Robotouch Classic Leg Massager has 1 Year Warranty?

Absolutely!! It has got 30 days return policy if ordered from amazon & 1 year warranty.

What is the difference between classic and classic plus models ?

Massage modes are different and also classic plus have sole roller.

Does it squeeze calf and use rollers on it or just vibrates?

It works as squeeze for legs with calf and pain relief massager

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